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UniLab Elevate
The UniLab Elevate program is a launchpad for diverse innovators and technologies. Partnered with Accelerace, the Nordics' leading pre-seed accelerator and investor, UniLab Elevate offers participants a unique opportunity to access essential tools, mentorship, and know-how. Since 2008, Accelerace has been instrumental in developing over 1,000 entrepreneurs who today lead some of Europe's most promising startups and scaleups. This powerful partnership ensures that participants are well-equipped to transform their ideas into thriving ventures.
Program features
UniLab Elevate program will provide participating teams with personalised guidance, specialized training, corporate collaboration opportunities, and platforms to showcase their capabilities to potential partners. With a rolling intake and no deadline, this evergreen program ensures continuous support for innovative teams.
  • Flexibility and Personalisation
    The UniLab Elevate program offers a flexible rolling intake, providing personalized guidance tailored to the unique needs of each team.
  • Experienced Advisors
    Participants receive mentorship from experienced advisors, including industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, to help navigate challenges and achieve success.
  • Know-How and Tools
    The program provides essential tools and specialized training to equip teams with the knowledge and skills needed to develop and scale their innovations.
  • Equity Free Funding
    UniLab Elevate offers financial support without taking any equity, allowing teams to retain full ownership of their startups while receiving necessary funding.
Program phases
The UniLab Elevate program guides start-ups through team building, market fit validation, and fundraising preparation. With a dedicated Business Advisor assigned to each team, we ensure they are equipped for successful product development and market entry.
After an application review and an in-person interview, we will introduce participants with the program, setting the foundation for the journey ahead. This phase ensures that participants understand the program's objectives and resources available to them.
Team Building
Ensure the team has the critical skills needed to progress by assembling a well-rounded team and identifying essential skills for successful product development and market entry. This phase focuses on building a cohesive team dynamic and addressing any skill gaps.
Validate the product's fit in the market and establish a strong value proposition by defining targeted market segments, creating compelling value propositions, and utilizing the Beachhead concept to identify and secure initial customers.
Fundraising Roadmap
Focus on increasing the product's value differential from competitors, creating a business development and fundraising roadmap for securing funding, including crafting a compelling pitch deck to attract investors.
Start-ups will have monthly check-ins with Business Development Advisors ensuring continuous support and guidance. The program includes an initial 3-month time frame for creating a business development and fundraising roadmap, followed by a gate review before a potential 3-month extension.
Transform your tech ideas into thriving ventures with UniLab Elevate. Enjoy personalized guidance, specialized training, and equity-free funding. Apply anytime with our rolling intake approach.
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Experienced entrepreneurs in residence, along with representatives from the fields of business, science, and innovation, help UniLab start-ups move towards their goals more intelligently and achieve better results. These advisors provide invaluable insights, mentorship, and support, ensuring that each team can effectively navigate the challenges of developing and scaling their technology-based solutions.
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