UniLab Startups
UniLab Start-up teams consist of students, researchers, and professors working together to develop ground-breaking technology-based solutions.
UniLab Start-up teams develop a wide range of ideas - from an innovative electric motor to a personal travel assistant, utilizing artificial intelligence technologies.
Database-website for determining compatibility of medicinal substances with each other, with food products, and lifestyle by analyzing scientific publication data. Innovative technology involves data tracing, natural language processing, machine learning, and deep linguistic analysis that could be used in other fields related to medicine and non-medicine in the future.
Sweat pattern acquisition card for diagnostics and lifestyle monitoring as an alternative to blood and other samples.
Three different lifestyle buildings - warm house, productive office, and comfortable workshop. Thanks to the innovative hemp building material developed by the team, Positive Homes have positive environmental and human well-being effects but negative CO2 footprints.
S3NA specializes in preserving cultural heritage using the latest object scanning technologies and modern software solutions for model creation while building a vast digital library for these artifacts.
Due diligence tool for investors, venture capital funds, incubators, and innovation-based large companies to quickly and automatically evaluate business projects by analyzing key aspects of the business model.
Profitability research for nature tourism site owners and investors. Based on a database of 1000+ nature tourism sites and 80+ of their features worldwide, Develop Nature conducts precise, semi-automated analysis of the profit potential of a new or existing site.
Unmanned munition multi-agent or cluster technology for the armed forces of Latvia and other NATO countries to establish the most effective national defense according to its geographical conditions.
Microfluidic chips that allow producers of artificial organs and scaffolds to use fibers (such as artificial spider silk fibers) in 3D bioprinting to obtain reliable and durable materials for organ production.
Smart IT employee selection solution that helps companies hire IT specialists by shortening the traditionally lengthy selection process and reducing the risk of choosing an unsuitable candidate, thereby extending the duration of employment relationships.
Autonomous urban water transport rental and monitoring solution.
Wastewater treatment technology for phosphorus recovery and its further use in fertilizer production.
Skin and environmentally friendly sunscreen made of clay-polyphenol composite material that protects against UV radiation while providing antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient mobile tanker cleaning station designed for cleaning tanks of sea vessels from animal fats and vegetable oils.
Optimization of large-scale 3D concrete object printing by dividing the geometry into structural sections.
Plant pots for cultivation made of environmentally friendly biomaterial - biomass and mushroom mycelium.
Career game for young people that helps them explore various professions.
Smart biosensors for food quality control.
Magnetotherapy device providing the necessary magnetic field using a permanent magnet.
Device for measuring the quality of lighting and automating the measurement process.
Environmentally friendly tire and rubber recycling plant.
Underwater drone performing real-time water quality measurements at various sea depths.
Multi-functional robot platform suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The construction consists of separate mechanical nodes allowing for individual customization.
BioRadProtect environmentally friendly biopolymer nanocomposite antidote for binding cesium, strontium, rubidium, and cobalt radionuclides from contaminated water for population protection.
FungiFuture solution directly addresses brand sustainability issues, reducing waste by using mycelium composite material and textile waste in mannequin production.
Autonomous, multifunctional agricultural robot for fruit picking. The robot addresses the labor shortage in agriculture, especially during berry picking season.
Bdetect develops a melanoma detection device that performs multispectral skin analysis using various types of illumination and artificial intelligence.
Personalized travel route preparation using artificial intelligence technology.
Innovative telescope performance enhancement for astronomy enthusiasts.
Automation of underwater equipment inspection service.
Reduction and prevention of amblyopia symptoms.
Automation of greenhouse watering process.
Sensors for monitoring beehive health and bee colony performance analysis.
Human mental state analysis using smart fabric sensors and artificial intelligence technology.
Mass flow controller for improving the efficiency of food production processes.
Solution improving safety and providing easy control of power and mass for electric vehicle engines.
Identification, reduction, and prevention of cataract symptoms using artificial intelligence.
Solution to help farmers improve soil, increase productivity, and reduce fertilizer costs.
Solution for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) image processing and analysis.
Wave energy converter for electricity generation using waves of all sizes.
"Zero waste" and circular economy-based soil pot for more efficient plant cultivation.
Posture correction T-shirt that trains your back muscles' memory and helps improve posture, enhancing overall well-being.
Single-use heavy-duty cameras for transporting infected patients.
Choreography costume with vibration for the deaf and hard of hearing.
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